Today’s Listening – And One/Trilogie I

And One are one of those bands that have grown so much over the years. Whether you want synthpop, hard EBM, or something in between, And One can typically satisfy all those cravings. They really went out of their way with their Trilogie I 3-disc release from 2014. You get Propeller, which is an EBM album, Magnet, which is a traditional And One release, and Achtung 80, an homage to the synthpop that influenced them. It’s pretty much an electronic music fan’s dream come true.

Magnet is the linchpin of the trio. It’s a straightforward progression from And One’s previous album S.T.O.P.  Magnet has everything you’d expect…great synth hooks, singable chorus lines, and sex appeal…all And One mainstays. Where the band continues to grow is their ability to take what they are good at and build on it. Magnet, while a “traditional” And One album is a sure progression from their last, just as it was a leap from its predecessor.

Propeller is all EBM. It harkens back to the band’s early days, days that a lot of their fans miss. It’s aggressive, a good balance of English/German vocals, and reminds you how talented And One truly are. The almost militant pace of the record is a perfect balance to the synthpop Achtung 80.

Achtung 80 finds its roots in the sounds 80’s and early 90’s synthpop. Anyone familiar with And One’s brilliant covers of songs from this era already know how well the band can imitate the sound. There’s a warm blanket comfort to be found here and the diversity keeps it from being boring, even through the ballads.

All in all, Trilogie I is a must have for any And One fan. If you’re outside of Europe be prepared to pay import prices for it. I can say, as someone who bit the bullet and imported it, it is worth every penny.

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