Remembering John Wetton

There are a lot of acts who are not known for being involved in electronic music that dabble with synths to great effect. For example, Europe is a metal band best known for The Final Countdown and its unforgettable synth hook. Legendary prog-rock bassist, songwriter, and vocalist John Wetton was best known for his work in the supergroup Asia, but he was also in King Crimson, Uriah Heap, Icon, and did studio work for a long line of artists. You may be wondering why I’m even bringing him up on a site dedicated to electronic music, and you’d be right to wonder. The mention of Europe was a clue. Asia’s second single, Only Time Will Tell, has one of the best synth hooks of all time. As a kid who was learning my way in the world of music I understood there was something different about the track. It is one of my earliest memories of being completely enamored with a song and as I’ve grown into an adult I understand now that it started with that synth hook. John Wetton’s legacy is cemented already but for me I will remember him best for helping me to learn to fall in love with music. His passing leaves us without one of the best prog-rock vocalists of all time and one of the most decorated songwriters of the genre. Happy trails.

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