Exclusive Interview with Sven of Solar Fake

Sven of Solar Fake was kind enough to take some time after the show at the Drunken Unicorn to talk to Echosynthetic. Before I get started with the interview I’d like to say that both Sven and André were extremely nice, approachable, and while I waited to do the interview they talked to everyone who wanted to shake their hands and get autographs. They turned no one away and were gracious to each and every one. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case so it was refreshing to see and I knew it was going to be a good interview before I’d even started.

And now on to the interview:

Echosynthetic: Alright, it’s your first time here. What has been the best part of touring in the United States?

Sven: The best part? I don’t know. I think it’s the true family feeling we have with the guys in Aesthetic Perfection, with NYXX, and with the crew. It’s really, really good. It’s not really normal to be treated equally by the main act, the headliner. 

Echosynthetic: That’s true, you guys got a really long set. 

Sven: Exactly. We’re allowed to play 45 minutes and that’s really good. It’s really cool. We’ve had some awesome shows already which were really amazing. Especially the show in Tampa, Florida. It was so great! It was almost like playing in Germany because everyone was singing along with the songs. They knew all the songs just like they do in Germany, you know?

Echosynthetic: What’s that like? You are used to playing to thousands of people in Germany and now you’re here and having to win over the crowd?

Sven: It’s still cool. You really have to show what you can do. It’s challenging. It’s challenging in Germany too but in a different way. There you can never mess up a show. If you mess up once people always remember that. Here’s it’s like the early days of Solar Fake. We get to show people what we can do and try to convince them that we can do something good. It’s cool.

Echosynthetic: What’s the best thing you’ve eaten on the road here in the States?

Sven: Actually this has been very hard for me because at home I’m vegan. And here that’s impossible. The problem is that we never have the time to go to the places that serve vegan and vegetarian food. We end up eating at Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, and stuff like that, or Denny’s. Plus the area where the venues are, we just don’t have time to go to any vegan restaurants. I’m fine though. I’m having very good salads (laughs).

Echosynthetic: What were your biggest influences? What made you get into music in the first place?

Sven: Actually, I learned classical guitar at the age of six, and that was the beginning. My parents thought I should do something apart from school and they asked me what I wanted to do and I said music, because I was never into sports. It was so amazing for me that I thought, wow, I want to spend my life with music. 

Echosynthetic: What bands helped influence your sound? 

Sven: In my early years it was The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, and I don’t know…at some point I changed over to more electronic music. I really love Aesthetic Perfection. I also love Grendl, VNV Nation, Covenenant, and Project Pitchfork. There are also a lot of great DJs. I really love DJ David Keta. I think his work is really, really cool. But, also love bands like Placebo and Editors. I think a lot of stuff is cool.

At this point a fan came up, not knowing that we were conducting an interview, and while a lot of the conversation covered topics we’d already covered, the last thing he said to Sven before parting was, “It must be cool to travel around and meet new people.” Sven’s response? Exactly, that’s why we’re doing this.

That was a perfect place to end the interview. It was very late and the band had an eleven hour drive to the next show. Solar Fake proved to be not only a top in class electronic live band, they also showed they’re class acts as well. Here’s to hoping we get to see them back in the States sooner rather than later!


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