Industrial Pop Tour Invades Atlanta – Aesthetic Perfection/Solar Fake/NYXX

February 3rd was a special night at the Drunken Unicorn on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta. Why, you may ask? The Industrial Pop Tour hit Atlanta, bringing with it Aesthetic Perfection on their first tour in three years, Solar Fake on their first ever tour of the United States, and NYXX on her first tour, period. If you weren’t there you missed out on a great show but luckily Echosynthetic was there for a full write up.

Before I get into the show itself I really want to give some recognition to the fans that show up for shows like this. You get people in leather pants with platform boots, spikes through noses, cheeks, lips, and ears, corsets, trench coats, and hair of every variety you can imagine. You also couldn’t meet a nicer bunch of people. The wait in line was filled with banter, great conversation, and nobody was allowed to be a stranger, whether you showed up with friends or solo. As someone who has been to hundreds of shows I can attest to the rarity of that. There’s something about electronic shows that brings out the perfect mix of fans and that’s half the fun of going to these shows.

First up on the Industrial Pop Tour was NYXX, and for an artist on their first tour ever she really knew how to warm up the crowd. Not only did she win the crowd over with her dark tinged industrial beats, she was also extremely funny and likable. As an artist who comes to the stage as a bit of an unknown it has to be daunting to face a crowd who doesn’t know your music. NYXX overcame that obstacle and had the crowd booing that she had to leave the stage after her set. Can’t get much better than that as an opening act. Looking forward to more of her work!

Next up was Solar Fake. The Berlin based duo are staples in the electronic scene in Europe, playing sold out shows to thousands, but in America they are building their base. Their set was a perfect blend of tracks from their earlier albums and tracks from their latest release, Another Manic Episode (which has so many great songs each one could be a single). It was nice to see people singing along to their songs and if the line to meet them after the show is any indication I suspect they left Atlanta with more fans than they had when they arrived. A great surprise toward the end of the set was a stellar cover of Linkin Park’s One Step Closer, definitely their most aggressive song of the set. I hope this isn’t the last time we see Solar Fake in America. They deserve to be heard by more people.

Finally Aesthetic Perfection took the stage and built thing to a real frenzy. You can’t beat the showman ship of Daniel Graves on stage. You can tell he loves what he’s doing and that transfers to the people who were there to see him, some of which drove 6 hours or more to see the show. The live drums with the aggrotech music is one of my favorite parts of the show. It adds an extra layer of depth to the already layered music and gives you even more reason to bob your head along with the music. For a band that hasn’t toured in three years, Aesthetic Perfection showed no signs of rust. They were a perfect end to one of the more satisfying shows I’ve seen in quite some time.

All in all the Industrial Pop Tour was a much needed infusion of these styles in to the Atlanta music scene. Gauging how far so many people drove to see the show (I met people from South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama) proves that there is a need for this music in a live setting. My goal is to get the word out so that even more people are at the next show, and then more at the next. Want to see more bands like Solar Fake touring the United States for the first time? Make it worth their while!

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