New Release: iVardensphere/Exile

In a world with so many bands that sound just like the next, iVardensphere don’t have to worry about being called an imitator. Their tribal infused take on industrial music is second to none, and with Exile they push themselves even farther.

Exile is a collection of songs that reflect the album’s title. Right from the beginning you get Icarus, a track that soars high on the back of tribal drums. Just as it reaches those lofty heights you crash back down into the desert for the band’s brilliant cover of the Westworld theme song. It really sets the tone for the album, which is important  for a band that relies on these soundscapes to convey emotion.

Thin Veil is another highlight and it goes straight for the jugular. Driving beats mixed with sparse but effective vocals really hit the listener in the ears and the body. I dare you not to bounce your head as you listen to it.

As you complete the journey through the nine track release I recommend a good pair of headphones. These tracks are so well layered and earthy they deserve to be peeled back and explored. iVardensphere have hit a home run with this early 2017 release and have added a strong album to their already great discography.

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