Upcoming Show: GosT/Ian Deaton/Gregorio Franco @ The Drunken Unicorn Atlanta

Right on the heels of the stellar Aesthetic Perfection/Solar Fake/NYXX show at the Drunken Unicorn we get another great reason to go out. GosT is bringing his hard hitting live act to Atlanta on February 7th and he’s being supported by two local artists you should listen up on right now.

GosT – The mysterious skull faced GosT hits so hard and so dark that his version of synthwave has been called slasherwave. The tour finds him fresh on the wave of his new album, Non Paradisi (we were just listening to it recently! Check out what we thought here). This is a rare opportunity to see one of the best in the business at a small and intimate venue. You’ll be kicking yourself for missing such a great opportunity.

Ian Deaton – Ian Deaton is a perfect blend of old school new wave sound and blastbeat metal, creating a sound unlike anything you’ve heard. Good luck pigeonholing his sound into just one genre of music! It’s always exciting to hear someone finding new paths through well trodden music tropes and bringing something completely unique out the other side. All of his videos are cool and I recommend you checking them all out. His newest off of Glamour Profession is below.

Gregorio Franco – If you like your synths layered to perfection over beats that demand body movement, Gregorio Franco has just what you need. The synthwave subgenre has exploded but this has created a lot of imitation among the ranks. Gregorio Franco has deftly avoided that hurdle by doing something that is surprisingly rare…added melody. So many bands have driving beats that repeat themselves over plunged bass drops. Sure they’re great beats but it gets boring, especially when everyone is doing it. This is synthwave that rises above the rest.

Come out and support electronic music, support local venues, and give the bands a reason to keep doing these show. See you in Atlanta!

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