New Music: Electric Floor/Fader EP

The Italian trio Electric Floor are set to make waves with their new Fader EP, due out March 6, 2017 on the Vipchoyo Sound Factory label. Within seconds of putting it on I was transported back to the post-punk movement in the early 80’s when bands like Echo & the Bunnymen, Bauhaus, and the Cure were carving out sounds we’d never heard before. I don’t intend to sell Electric Floor short by calling them an imitation of any of those bands. Are those roots there? Absolutely, but there’s something else. The synth based melodies overlaid with shoegaze guitars give the EP a sound unlike anything out there right now. It’s hard to describe without having you hear what they’re doing. Check out their video for the single Bluedive.

With the dream combination of Peter Murphy-esque vocals, Interpol/Psychedelic Furs style guitars driving the listener forward, and synths pulling it all together, Electric Floor have become greater than the sum of their parts. If the Fader EP is any indication of what we have to look forward to from this band I expect big things. You should be excited! You’ll get to say you heard them before they became the next big thing, and that’s not just hyperbole. Electric Floor is the real deal and they don’t need someone like me to say so. Their music does the talking for them.

Photo Credit: Debora Chiarelli

The Fader EP will be available in CD and digital formats at the label’s Bandcamp page. Be sure to get your order in because after hearing the whole EP, I can guarantee you’ll have it on repeat.

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