New Music: Ethereal Delusions/Shutter Shades

Building off of the foundation of the Oceanside Drive and Alone in Space singles, Ethereal Delusions have just released Shutter Shades. At first glance you might think they’re just another fish trying to get a bite in the big pond of synthwave music. Sure, Ethereal Delusions is a neon tinged nostalgia trip, but there’s something deeper here than you’re getting with a lot of artists. There’s a modern tilt to their music that gives Shutter Shades an edge against the competition. Where they also separate themselves is variety…instead of repeating the same beats over and over there’s creativity in these tracks.

From start to finish, Shutter Shades feels like a sun-soaked road trip that went wrong somewhere along the way, and it’s one hell of a ride. You can almost imagine rolling the windows down as the music sets the soundtrack for a hopeful ride towards a mysterious destination. Pastels and Palm Trees, Tropical Nights, and Oceanside Drive lull you into a sense of security. By the time High Speed Pursuit hits it is already too late to escape…you’re in for the ride. I’d also like to mention it has some of the best guitar work I’ve heard in the genre to date. Shutter Shades closes out on Night of the Living Dead and Lost in Space, proof that Ethereal Delusions can hold their own in the darker side of synthwave.

All in all, Shutter Shades is a whole lot of fun and shows a lot of promise for the Oregon based Ethereal Delusions. Be sure to check out their previous work at the Bandcamp page. They’ve got limited edition cds, digital downloads of Shutter Shades, previous singles, and EPs. Well worth a visit!

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