New Music: Equinox/Goodbye (feat. Dementio13)

I don’t usually stop the presses for one new song but British spoken word artist Equinox has put me in my place. His new single, Goodbye, has been haunting me and pulling me back in all day. Equinox partnered with Welsh electronic craftsman Dementio13, who provides a stunningly sparse soundscape for his words to live in. What I really love about Goodbye is how as the song progresses the vocals are filtered and break down. It adds an even more haunting level of depth to the score. If Goodbye is even half as good as what is coming on the new Equinox full length, It’s Hard to be Happy When Your Head is Full of Sin (due out later this Spring), then we are in for something special. Continue to check back for updates and follow Equinox at the usual places (Facebook) (Twitter) (Soundcloud)

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