New Music: Elegant Machinery/I EP + New Music Video for Wheels in Motion

Swedish synthpop stalwarts Elegant Machinery released a new EP in October called simply I. This is most exciting because they’re one of the few pure synthpop acts still left out there. It’s also a surprise because after they split in 2011 I had no hope that they’d be releasing new music. The EP finds them back in familiar territory…synthpop perfection. There are few who do it better and they’re one of my all time favorites. Yesterday they released a brand new music video for the song Wheels in Motion. Fingers crossed this means we’ve got a full album on the way. Check out their new video below plus a couple of my favorites because I love sharing synthpop! Buy their new EP (HERE)

Video for their new track Wheels in Motion

Feel the Silence from A Soft Exchange

Move from A Soft Exchange

Elegant Machinery live in St. Petersburg


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