New Music: Night Raptor/Flashback (Single)

I heard this song today and I was completely blown away. The track is called Flashback by synthwave producer Night Raptor, and I can hardly believe it’s his first single. It sounds like the work of a long established artist who has been on the scene for a few years. In fact, I’d put this work up there with any of the heavyweights (I’m looking at you Perturbator, Mitch Murder, and Carptenter Brut). What I really like about it is the promise of what’s to come. Night Raptor has an EP on the way and if it’s building off of the sound we’re getting in Flashback then I think the synthwave community may have a major player ready to emerge. Check out the videos below to see a teaser for his new EP and Flashback, then head over to his Bandcamp to buy the track and stay up to date by following on social media (Twitter) (Soundcloud) (Facebook) (YouTube) (Soundcloud). Enjoy and get ready to start it over around a dozen times!

Teaser for the new Night Raptor EP



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