Review: Beyond the Black Rainbow Soundtrack

Beyond the Black Rainbow is a hypnotic, dark descent into a retro futuristic hell. Directed by Panos Cosmatos, it was released by Magnet Relasing in 2010 and it immediately struck a chord in me. The pacing, striking visuals, and imagery used made it one of my favorites that year and it has a solid place in my film collection. But something else set Beyond the Black Rainbow apart…the music.

Cosmatos recruited Jeremy Schmidt of Black Mountain and Sinoia Caves to create the aural atmosphere for Beyond the Black Rainbow. The decision was a good one because the score for the film is just as much a character as the people playing their parts. It’s a Giorgio Moroder inspired acid trip that truly shapes the experience you have while watching the film. Take away the score and you’re left with half of the immersion, maybe more.

Beyond the Black Rainbow is a synthwave lover’s dream come true and it hasn’t been seen by as many people as it deserves. Give the trailer a watch and listen to see how the soundtrack and film marry into a cohesive unit.

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