Morning Listening: Shirobon/Regain Control – The Remixes

If you are looking for something to scratch that Daft Punk itch, in 2014 Shirobon released one of the best Daft Punk songs ever. What makes it cooler is that they didn’t write it, Shirobon did. It’s a perfect mix of Giorgio Moroder, modern day synths, plus the vocoder….oh my, it’s perfect. The track can be found on the Distant Reality EP but the focus here is on the remix single. It contains a great remix by Mitch Murder, a more club like version by Shirobon, and Dougal & Gammer give it their treatment.

If you’re looking for some light listening to start off your Saturday, look no further than Regain Control by Shirobon. After you’re done be sure to check out all the other work he’s done. He’s been very prolific and he covers tons of styles…totally worth digging into.

Shirobon: Twitter, Facebook, YouTubeSoundcloud, and Bandcamp

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