New Artist Alert: Unholy Rat King

There’s a new artist exploring the underbelly of synthwave and his name is Unholy Rat King. He claims he is the king of the rats, plague bearer, and that his songs come from the dark abyss. After listening to the two singles that he has on offer I’m prepared to back him up on those claims. There’s something unsettling about his music and I’m okay with that. I want to be challenged and I want to hear something that nobody else is doing. I was just telling someone recently that I’m  listening to around a hundred or so songs a week working on this site. When I hear something different, it really stands out…that’s the stuff I choose to write about.

Unholy Rat King has two singles on offer, Safety in Numbers, and Paradox: Time Quake. Safety in Numbers reminds me of a throwback to those great Kemco first person puzzle games from the 1980’s. Games like Shadowgate, The Uninvited, and Deja Vu all had brilliant soundtracks that helped define an entire genre of games. I honestly remember the music more than the events in the games. Safety in Numbers is like a title track to one of those games brought to the modern forefront, like there’s mystery and danger right around the corner. Paradox: Time Quake is well named because it starts off like an off kilter funeral dirge only to throw you into a pit of madness. There’s a controlled madness to the track and I like how it borders on the edge of insanity without quite going over the edge.

All in all I’m very much looking forward to where he’s going and he’s definitely an artist I’ll be keeping up with. I’ll be sure to keep you posted here on any updates on any new music this year. Check out Unholy Rat King at his Bandcamp, Twitter, and Instagram.

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