Numb / Wasted Sky (1995

In the mid to late 90’s industrial music was about to blow up. Nine Inch Nails had kicked open the door that bands like Skinny Puppy and Ministry built and there was no stopping it. Once the Mortal Kombat soundtrack hit shelves in 1995 you had bands like Bile and Sister Machine Gun  getting into homes they’d have never been in before. Even industrial veterans KMFDM were getting some long overdue love. Gravity Kills and Stabbing Westward saw themselves in heavy rotation on MTV and Fear Factory would push their industrial metal to new heights as the decade was closing out.

Underneath all this commercial success there was a band out of Vancouver that was doing it darker and heavier than all of them. Numb was pushing the industrial envelope before most bands knew there was an envelope to push. Beyond the acknowledgments of a who’s who in the industry, Numb were and still are pretty much unkown to most listeners. They hear their influence in countless albums to this date but have no idea of their origins.

I could have picked any of Numb’s LPs but I picked Wasted Sky because of its 1995 release date. It was truly ahead of its time, under appreciated, and should have enjoyed the successes of the albums that followed the course it set. Wasted Sky stands as a testament from the underworld of electronic music that no matter how dark and mean someone’s music may be, someone is doing it darker.

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