Synthwave Sunday: Timecop1983 / Journeys

Journeys by Timecop1983 was my introduction to synthwave so it holds a special place in my heart. In celebration of Synthwave Sunday I thought it would be fun to revisit it. As much as synthwave has grown over the last few years, Journeys still stands up as a solid primer for everything the genre has to offer. Fun, nostalgia, and soaring synths are par for the course and Timecop1983 navigate all three expertly.

I remember getting stuck in YouTube limbo one night, you know, where you are stuck in the loop of clicking recommendations in the hopes that something cool and interesting will pop up. Suddenly my screen was populated by a pastel colored palm trees and the opening notes of Dreams featuring vocals by Dana Jean Phoenix started to flow out of my speakers. I was hooked instantly. What was this? It was everything I loved about the 80’s, yet somehow it sounded very new and modern. A fan was born!

My tastes in music have always been all over the place but the 1980’s hold the key to my heart. Timecop1983 introduced me to a genre that I now love and I’m forever indebted to them. Check out their many albums at Bandcamp and through other social media outlets.

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