New Music: Rachel Mason / Das Ram

While listening to Das Ram, the new album by Rachel Mason, I was reminded of how much I enjoy hearing things that are off the beaten path. The musical structures are fun but experimental, the content is lyrically smart, and the whole package feels like art. Like someone took a brush stroke and created something new…or a sculpture crafted out of an amalgam of mediums. It’s fitting because Rachel Mason is indeed a multi-talented artist and she’s proven to me that she’s the real deal.

Das Ram is a mixture of sounds but the music is a vehicle that moves forward at a steady pace. There are shoegazy moments, glimpses of new wave, hip avant garde guitar riffs, and vocals that explore the space within each song. At no point does Rachel Mason rely on any one sound to define what she’s doing, giving each song a lot to explore through repeat listens. I love how a song can have the bones of normal song structure but the way Rachel fills these songs with eccentric beats, electronic beeps, and overlaid harmonies make the album unique.

If you are in any way a fan of music as a vehicle for art then I highly recommend Rachel Mason’s Das Ram. Beyond that, if you enjoy well written pop filtered through a kaleidoscope lens, Das Ram is a dream come true. There’s more here than just the music though. Rachel Mason’s background as a performance artist really comes through in her music videos and they had a true extra layer to what you’re hearing. Das Ram is available now on Cleopatra Records. Be sure to give her a follow on social media as well! You can find her on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Bandcamp.

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