Today’s Listening: Marnie / Crystal World

In 2013 Ladytron’s Helen Marnie released her debut solo record, Crystal World. With Marnie’s second solo album, Strange Words and Weird Wars due out in March, I decided to revisit this modern pop classic. And make no mistake, this album is definitely a classic.

The first thing you’re going to notice about Crystal World is how much emotion is being channeled. Fans of Ladytron will find a lot to love here but you’re also going to find that it’s far less regimented. Marnie has proven herself to be a deft songwriter with songs that are allowed to expand and explore. Crystal World is not a Ladytron album with veneer on it. This is is a solid work that Marnie should be proud of.

Something else I would like to mention is how much depth that Crystal World has. I’ve listened to it dozens of times over the past few years and I’m still surprised at how well the songs flow and build on each other. Each sound has a place and each word a meaning. It’s an expertly crafted dream pop album and I’ve yet to grow tired of it.


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