Depeche Mode North American Global Spirit Tour Pre-Sale Slots Available Now

Depeche Mode has announced a unique way of selling fans pre-sale tickets. As a way of avoiding the tickets being bought up and resold by bots and ticket re-sellers, Depeche Mode has created a list. Normally lists are bad but this is one you want to be on! By signing up you are putting yourself on the “I Want Depeche Mode Pre-Sale Tickets” list. Once signed up you pick the city you’re interested in, though note that this does NOT guarantee they will come to that town. You will be offered pre-sale tickets to the nearest city you select if they aren’t going to be playing there.

This is where things get interesting. Sign up with a Facebook account and you move up higher on the list. If people sign up based on your Tweets, E-mails, or Facebook messages, you BOTH get moved up slots. Want to give yourself a bigger boost up the ladder? Pre-orders from the official store will get you the biggest bang for your buck. I took it as a sign that I needed the vinyl even though I already had the digital deluxe on pre-order. It’s smart really, you’ve got a captive audience that loves you and you’re guaranteed to sell more albums by rewarding your fans for buying something they already want.

Once the cities for the North American tour are announced your position on the list will be shown. The higher your rank, the better the pre-order seats available to you will be. Top of the list for your city? You get to meet the band. Within 48 hours of the tickets going on sale to the general public your spot in line is locked and you will get an e-mail with a code and a time you will be able to log in through Ticketmaster to purchase your tickets. Get out there and pre-order and stick it to third party re-sellers! Wouldn’t you rather have that money going to the band you love? I know I would! Click HERE to sign up for the list, though be warned, the site is getting HEAVY traffic and I ran into a lot of errors. I had much better luck by visiting the page on my phone…it only took a few minutes and I had no issues.

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