New Music: Loewenhertz /Echtzeit

If you’ve been dying for some new synthpop, Germany’s Loewenhertz are releasing their new album Echtzeit on March 17th, on Echozone. If the top 10 success of their lead single Irgendwann is any indication, Loewnhertz look to have a hit record on their hands. After having spent the whole morning with Echtzeit pumping through my headphones I can say with a certainty that it’s some of the best synthpop I’ve heard in years.

Loewenhertz have struck a great balance of harmony, driving beats, and German/English vocals. The tracks have depth and are anything but disposable pop songs. There’s a touch of Songs and Faith and Devotion era Depeche Mode, that hint of darkness that is just over the shoulder…following you. You also have tracks that soar above the clouds, like Irgendwann that I mentioned before. It has a hook that isn’t going to let you go until the song is over. It’s also a body mover…I dare you to not move once the chorus hits full swing. This is something that is sorely missing in today’s synthpop. Everyone is so interested in an image or being a certain style that they forget that this music started in the dance clubs.

As Echtzeit continues through the songs it hit me that the band was going to have a hard time picking out future singles. Every song has potential and could see chart success. Too many bands are focused on that “big hit” that will sell records, not caring that the rest of the album is filler. Loewenhertz have crafted a start-to-finish album and I am very happy to hear that. You’ll definitely be seeing Echtzeit on my year end “best of” synthpop list.

Be sure to check the album out when it hits in March. You can already download the singles for Irgendwann and Unischtbar at the Echozone Bandcamp page.

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