New Music: Analogue Wave / Hope (Single)

The Irish-based electronic duo of Del Chaney and Andy Sneyd, AKA Analogue Wave, have just blown my mind with their new single, Hope. After a three year hiatus they are back in a big way with this new track…a brilliant fusion of attitude, breakbeats, moody synths, and noise bent to conform to the song. It’s one the best new singles I’ve heard so far this year, and I’m not saying that lightly. You can pre-order now ahead of a March 24th release date at their Bandcamp.

But wait! I’m not finished! More often than not you get a single where the A-Side is the highlight with B-Side remixes that leave a lot to be desired. The Hope single bucks that trend in a big way. The Tuath Mix of Hope is a sci-fi romp filled with big jungle drum and bass beats while still maintaining the core of the original track. Then we get an Ummagma remix of Mezkal, which originally appeared on Analogue Wave’s debut record, ‘n.l g.W.v.’ Their dream pop influence gives the track an instant dance-worthy back beat and rounds out the single perfectly.


If you’re unfamiliar with Analogue Wave I strongly suggest you get familiar. They’re obviously on the rise again, and if they can build on the quality I’ve heard here, they are well footed on a strong foundation. If you like your electronic music to experiment and push new boundaries, look no further, Analogue Wave has what you need.

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