New Music: Primorph / Surrogate

Late night news! Primorph has released a new single and it’s good enough to have me writing well after the sun has gone down. Not content to rest after releasing the Light Our Darkest Hour EP last month, Primorph has just unleashed Surrogate. I was already impressed with the previous released, but Surrogate is something else entirely. The way the song builds into layers of harmonies is so skillfully done, and the Vangelis-esque drums add an epic feel to all of it. This is one of those slow build songs that has a real payoff at the end. I’ve already listened to it four times and I just bought it 20 minutes ago.

You can grab the track right now at the Primorph Bandcamp page for free, all he wants is your name on his mailing list. If you’ve got an extra dollar or two it’s worth throwing his way. It feels wrong to download a track this good for nothing. Mark my words…Primorph is onto something here and I can’t wait to hear where this journey is headed.

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