Tonight’s Listening: Vibrissae / Somewhere Away

Tonight’s listening is Portland, Oregon’s trio Vibrissae and their 2016 release, Somewhere Away on Vipchoyo Sound Factory. What I really enjoy about this album is how there’s honestly something for everyone. From shoegaze to 90’s electronic rock to synth driven pop, Vibrissae show real musical chops. The diverse sounds keep the album fresh, never boring, and it flows surprisingly well.

The album kicks off with a musical intro that blends right into a track called Never Again, an electronic rock driven song that could have been in the Run Lola Run soundtrack. It even gives the impression of speed! What a great way to set the tone for the album that follows. My favorite song on the album follows, a darkwave treat called Incident Report. I’ve got to be honest, I hit repeat three times before I allowed myself to continue forward.

Something else I’d like to mention are the albums great musical segues that connect the songs from time to time. They really help maintain the flow that I mentioned earlier and it makes the different styles used feel a lot more cohesive. Whether the track you just listened to is a shoegaze wonder like Not Forever or a synthwave-esque track like Crooked Smile, it totally works. They’ve even got an alt-rock track called Need that bleeds 90’s college radio written all over it. Kudos to Vibrissae for being brave enough to blend all these ambitious sounds together…it really pays off.

While Vibrissae’s Somewhere Away isn’t the type of thing I’d normally cover, I think there’s enough synth here to allow it. Besides, it’s what I’m listening to tonight! The nostalgia trip is what this site is about and Vibrissae bumps it up to the 90’s more than most of the bands I cover but that makes it no less amazing. I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent with the album and I think there’s a lot here on offer. You can buy it right now on their Bandcamp page, and you can also give them a follow on social media! They’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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