New Music: Lars Lennarth / The Everest Tapes

I’ve spent most of the afternoon enjoying the new release by Lars Lennarth, The Everest Tapes. It’s another in a string of brilliant records on TimeSlave Recordings, who are enjoying a very good 2017 thus far. If you like your synths dark then you’re going to want to head over to the Lars Lennarth Bandcamp and grab yours today. I’ll be honest, the releases coming out of TimeSlave have been so good that I bought it without having heard any of the tracks. As I suspected, I had nothing to worry about…The Everest Tapes deliver the goods.

I’m going to be completely honest, if you’re going to sample something from the 80’s you can’t do much better than He-Man. Lennarth does so with the opening track to The Everest Tapes, Warriors of Eternia. There’s nothing that pumps you up more than a solid beat and a great 80’s nostalgia trip reminder to remind you that synthwave is THE best thing going right now.

Each track has its own personality but a darkwave heart connects them all together. Whether you’re listening to Toxic REM, Emperor, or Lost Map, you know you’ve taken the wrong turn somewhere and the neon and chrome are far behind you. These tracks have bite and remind you that there’s more to synthwave than meets the eye (or ear). My favorite by far is the song called Aniara X-2. There’s a new Castlevania series coming out on Netflix and I’m starting the campaign now to use this song on the show. It’s dark, it’s chilling, and the best possible way to close the record.

If you’re not already, check out everything else Lars Lennarth has on offer. You can find more at the TimeSlave Recordings Bandcamp, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.  You can also follow Lars Lennarth on Twitter.


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