New Music: Torul / Monday (Maxi-Single)

Slovenian synthpop outfit Torul have a new maxi-single due out soon for the song Monday. The original song appears on their most recent album, Rest, on Infacted Recordings. After hearing the track you’re probably going to change your mind about Mondays because it’s pure synthpop fun. The Single Mix is a surefire club hit in the making (I’m actually bouncing my leg as I type…it’s impossible not to move to the beat).

Beyond the Single Mix of Monday, the single features a cover of one of my favorite Depeche Mode tracks, Stripped. I’ve featured articles on how difficult it seems to be to properly cover Depeche Mode successfully but Torul do the song justice! You also get true b-side in Wave Riders Theme, an official hymn for a well known club event in Slovenia. The single closes out with an extended cut of the title track.

All in all this is a solid single that gives you every reason to buy it even if you already own the album. The tweaking of Monday for the single gets you in the door but once you’re inside the Depeche Mode cover and Wave Riders Theme ensure that you get your money’s worth. The single is due out March 3rd! Be sure to check back at the Infacted Recordings Bandcamp page for more details. It’s also available for pre-order on the offical Infacted Recordings Store.

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