New Music: 5TimesZero / ØK

Germany’s 5TimesZero is set to release ØK (pronounced Zero-Kay) on March 10th on Echozone. I’ve been excited about this album because I really enjoyed the single for Don’t Push Me that they released in January. Having had the chance to listen to the full album ahead of the release, I’m pleased to say that I’m even more impressed than I hoped to be. ØK is everything I want out of a dark synth record. Imagine if Peter Murphy had gone synth instead of goth and you’ve got an idea of what 5TimesZero have on offer here.

The best way to describe ØK is as a journey. You’re in the city, it’s getting dark, and you need to get home. You see the subway ahead and as you descend the stairs you’re unknowingly entering a world you’re not going to walk away from so easily. That’s what it’s like to put on this album. Each track is a different stop along the way, but each one has its own personality. What I love about 5TimesZero is that they bring a swagger…an attitude of control to the music. And One had best watch out…ØK is a page out of their book but 5TimesZero has one upped them in almost every way.

Other than Don’t Push Me, I’ve got several other tracks that I just can’t get enough of. Instrument is a modern EBM banger that has a bassline that just won’t stop. Augen der Großstadt is a dark club anthem that demands body movement with soaring synths and heavy bass. Empty Floor is another fun track that has an old school heart fused with a very interesting off kilter beat. Can I Balize You hits like a depth charge with diving beats, droning synths, and the feeling that things are about to get out of control…a building of tension that keeps you hooked.

If you couldn’t tell already, 5TimesZero have a great album in ØK. If you like your electronic music with a dark heart but still have a sense of humor, you’re going to find a lot to love here. The single for Don’t Push Me is available right now on Bandcamp, featuring tons of great remixes. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to turn the volume up and listen to it again!

2 thoughts on “New Music: 5TimesZero / ØK

  1. thanx so much for this encouraging review! it makes us happy, that you want 2 listen 2 it all over again. 🙂 that’s why we created this stuff. reward! our favorite review so far! greetz from goodolegermany! mick (5timeszero)


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