Today’s Listening: Rupesh Cartel / The Disco and the What Not (2007)

Today I’ve been enjoying one of my favorite synthpop albums of the 2000’s, Rupesh Cartels’s The Disco and the What Not. The Swedish duo of Viktor Ginner and Daniel Gustafsson created one of the best pure synthpop records of the decade in this release and I typically revisit it frequently. There’s something about the way they use EBM-esque basslines accented with synthpop harmonies that give the album a unique sound. Check out these songs to hear how well they balance the divide between hardline EBM beats and synthpop keyboards that soften the tracks around the edges. The album as a whole leans more toward the synthpop side of things but tracks like Failure and title track have EBM heartbeats.

Rupesh Cartel are one of those bands that I discovered through exploration and digging. As a big fan of the A Different Drum label back in the day, I stumbled upon Rupesh Cartel by accident. Mainland was out and I added it on a whim (because I liked the cover) with a few other things I was getting through direct mail order (most notably, Wrath by Iris).

I’m sad to have not had any kind of official release from the band in such a long time. Thankfully what they’ve left us are excellent songs that still hold their own to this day. It’s crazy to me that this album is ten years old now!

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