February Report Card – A Big Thanks To All of You!

I just wanted to stop and take a minute to thank each and every one of you that has helped to make Echosynthetic such big success so quickly. I’m completely blown away by the support, especially from the synthwave and synthpop communities and from record labels and public relations firms taking a chance on a new website. I’ve interviewed artists I would’ve never dreamed about talking to this time last year and I’ve made new friends all over the world. More than anything I’m getting to share the music I love with other people. It’s a symbiotic relationship that keeps growing each and every day. Every single artist I’ve covered here at Echosynthetic deserves to be heard and I will continue the effort as we grow together.

Alright! Now for the fun stuff!

Top 10 Traffic Flow Countries

  1. United States
  2. Germany
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Sweden
  5. Canada
  6. Denmark
  7. France
  8. Poland
  9. Italy
  10. Russia

We’ve gotten traffic from over 68 countries, from Spain and Australia, to the Isle of Man, Macedonia, and the Falkland Islands. The ability to touch close to ten thousand people in 68 countries with electronic music is magical to me!

Thank you picture is from the ManvsGeorge Etsy Page.


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