New Music: IndiGhost / Dreamwalker: Part I

As you can already tell, I’m very partial to synthwave music. Sure, I cover synthpop, industrial, EBM, and other styles of music, but synthwave is in my veins. That’s why when I put on IndiGhost’s Dreamwalker: Part I this morning I had to stop what I was doing, sit back, and appreciate the experience. This Australian synthwave outfit is doing amazing things and I want as many people as possible to hear it. There are many imitators in the synthwave world with a handful of innovators, bands who truly grasp the power they have (whether they know it or not), and IndiGhost is in the latter group.

Dreamwalker kicks off with A Night at the Drive-In, and as soon as the synths hit I dare you to not get hooked. You can feel the sun shining as you put the top down and head to the drive-in with friends.  Pastel Sunset is the perfect follow up to A Night at the Drive-In…almost like a continuation of a story. The guitar work really is a really nice touch! Once the self titled track hits you’re instantly aware that the sun has gone down! I’m not sure what movie we’re watching at this drive-in but it’s suspenseful. This is a perfect slice of darkwave to balance out the sunny rays that start the EP. Take Me With You [Interlude] pulls us to safety, almost like the end credits to the film in our story. Then, right on queue, It Ain’t Easy Being Unremarkable is our drive home from the drive-in…a happy ending to a fun night out with friends.


Dreamwalker: Part I has one foot in the 1980’s and another in the French disco style, but it’s not beholden to anyone else’s sound. In fact, the whole experience feels that way…it’s almost like a time machine effect, where someone with the knowledge of what would be popular later went back to the 1980’s and wrote some epic level music. IndiGhost has one of the best synthwave releases I’ve ever pumped through my headphones with Dreamwalker: Part I and I can say with a certainty that they’re permanently on my watchlist.

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