New Music: Reduced Silence / A New Wave to Get Wise EP

German synthpop duo Reduced Silence have a new EP cleverly named A New Wave to Get Wise. I had the opportunity to check it out this morning and I enjoyed that they have on offer. Musically it’s very much a Wolfsheim meets Covenant sound…you’ve got harmonies but there’s an austere undertone that gives the songs gravity.

There are four tracks on offer with this release and each one has its own personality. Rise and Fall kicks things off and it’s easily my favorite song on the EP. It sounds like it was cut out of a Covenant album writing session. It’s a brilliant track that I’ve gone back to multiple times this morning. Under the Sun is a club hit in the making with a driving beat, a dance-able chorus, and synths that tie it all together. Frightened is a ballad that could have been a radio single in 1984. The EP closes with Frozen, a musically atmospheric song that is a perfect way to close things out.

I’m looking forward to more from Reduced Silence and I urge you to check them out on Facebook for how to get your hands on a copy of their EP.

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