TimeSlave Recordings and DSA Team Up / Great Music For a Great Charity

It’s almost here! The big TimeSlave Recordings release of FutureSounds Vol. 1 is set for March 6th and I’ve got great news. you can pre-order the album now, giving you access to 5 tracks right now with the rest becoming available on the 6th. But wait, there’s more! Once again TimeSlave Recordings are partnering with The Down’s Syndrome Association with all proceeds going to the charity. Not only are you getting some of the best synthwave on the market, you’re giving to a great charity as well.

FutureSounds Vol. 1 is going to be available in two formats, one being the traditional digital format through Bandcamp. The second, and also the one I’ve happily pre-ordered, is a limited edition cassette…with only 50 copies being produced! This is a true collector’s item that also included the digital copy of the album as well. There are a few copies left of the cassette as of this writing but DO NOT sit on this. Anyone aware of how popular cassettes are in the synthwave world knows these will sell out.

Ready to see the killer track list?

  1. Enzo Van Baelen – Fireball!
  2. Kid Neon – Asteroid Boy
  3. Timecop1983 – Journeys
  4. Arcade Summer – Electrocutioner
  5. Enzo Van Baelen – Night Shift
  6. Kid Neon – Code Red
  7. Lars Lennarth – Emperor
  8. Primorph – Metroplexual
  9. Droid Bishop – Days of the Running Man
  10. Futurecop! – 1988 Girls
  11. Psykat – Reign of Terror
  12. Ethereal Delusions – Alone in Space
  13. Kid Neon – Faraway Land
  14. Enzo Van Baelen – Testarossa
  15. LAMF – Neon Highway
  16. Vampire Step-Dad – Green Berets for Breakfast (Redux)
  17. Enzo Van Baelen – Magical Android
  18. Cybertronix – Lunar Rising
  19. Kid Neon – Spaceborn
  20. Enzo Van Baelen – Rogue

Without a doubt this is one of the biggest synthwave releases this year and you’d be crazy to miss out on one of those cassettes. Click HERE now to get your pre-order in before it’s too late. Even if you’re too late for one of the tapes, the digital album is reasonably priced for the crazy amount of music you’re getting, PLUS it all goes to the Down’s Syndrome Association.

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