Synthwave Sunday Continues! An Interview With Missing Words

The Synthwave Sunday fun continues this weekend with an interview with Long Beach, California’s Missing Words! Their latest EP release, Memories, came out in January with the title track getting a featured video over at NewRetroWave. This three piece of James Meays, Colin Wood, and Nestor Grajeda is one of my favorite bands on the scene right now, mainly because of all the live instruments used in the recording process. It gives Missing Words a real dream pop/new wave sound…add in the vocals and you’ve got something a bit unique, especially since most synthwave artists are instrumental only with  guest vocalists.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Missing Words this week and I’m excited to feature it as part of my Synthwave Sunday! Be sure to check out their Bandcamp and give them a follow on Twitter and Facebook!

Echosynthetic: For those who haven’t heard you before, who are Missing Words?

Missing Words: Missing words, is a collaborative effort of multi-instrumentalist and chief songwriter; James Meays, Guitar player; Colin Wood, and drummer Nestor Grajeda.  We want to show raw emotion in purest form, to feel, to be inspired to create. 

Echosynthetic: Your new EP, Memories, came out in January. How do you feel about it?

Missing Words: It was a labor of love and were glad to make it.  We got to work with John Kunkel, from The New Division, which was a great process unto itself.

Echosynthetic: Your sound is a great blend of modern synthwave and old school new wave. What’s the inspiration behind the sound?

James: I remember the first time heard M83 I was riding my bike in my hometown. On the way home I loaded a synth pop playlist and M83’s We Own The Sky played.  I was transported to a world of lush synths, and encapsulating melodies. I was always interested in synthisizer music thanks to growing up and hearing it in my parents record collections.  When I create a melody I’m looking for how it makes me feel, and with that projecting that feeling to my audience.

Colin: For me growing up with 80’s culture and music presented to me was always fascinating.  I remember hearing “How Soon is Now” in The Wedding Singer and instantly fell in love with how melancholy the song was.  We really love this music and naturally it’s what comes out.

Echosynthetic: What do you use in the studio?

Missing Words: We use the Arturia V collection for the 80s sounding synths, as well as Spire, and Sylenth, for lush sounding synths, amplitude pre amps, with sound toys bundle for effects on the guitars.

Echosynthetic: What bands are you currently into?

Missing Words: Depeche Mode, Prince, Panama, M83, Sonic Youth

Echosynthetic: You’re obviously talented musicians. What are your backgrounds?

James: I started off as a drummer/singer, and later develop a strong love for the guitar.  I played in a few bands in and out of high school, then began self producing music on my own.  Through that I developed a liking to keyboards and have played ever since.

Colin: I come from a Metal background.  And got heavily influenced by the strong melodies of synth pop music.

Nestor: I just wanted to play good music, and make it great again, just as remembered from my youth while playing GTA Vice City. 

Echosynthetic: What was the turning point in life that led you to music?

James: I always was drawn to music since, I was a kid.  I have been creating songs for as long as I remember.  The joy of music to me is creating, its pure bliss, a feeling that cannot be replicated any other way.

Colin: I’d say in my adolescent years when I joined my old high school band I had my first taste of pure creation.  From then on I knew it was something I was drawn too and felt passionate about.

Nestor: I needed an escape from this wacky world and music was my only solace.

Echosynthetic: What does 2017 hold for Missing Words?

Missing Words: Theres many things we have in store for the kids! Live shows, music videos, and many other surprises that we cannot say quite yet.

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