New Music: Black Needle Noise with Ana Breton / And Nothing Remains

John Fryer made it easy to pick my Black Needle Noise track to cover this week by releasing new music on March 1st. And Nothing Remains is a new collaboration with Black Needle Noise and Dead Leaf Echo’s Ana Breton, who lends her ethereal vocals to this haunted audio landscape. In my weekly focus to get good music into the ears of more people, I feel the responsibility to use this medium I have to share Black Needle Noise. Why? Because John Fryer makes consistently good music.

And Nothing Remains is a slow build. It begins with a footstep into the wispy mists that trace the ground…could be dusk, could be early morning. I guess it’s up to your interpretation of the darkness that’s just held at bay…is it receding or is it gaining a foothold? As I mentioned before, the track definitely has a haunted feel to it, but what really pulls you in is the emotionally charged build up. As the song continues to play on the layers build, harmonies appear, and before you know it you’ve repeated the track 3 or 4 times.

John Fryer and his Black Needle Noise project prove once again that there are no limitations to what you can and cannot do. The versatility of Black Needle Noise is what has made it one of my favorite musical endeavors and I will continue to highlight it every week. And Nothing Remains is a shining example of what can come of creative collaborations and is listen-worthy to anyone who reads my page.

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