Today’s Listening: Arctic Sunrise / When Traces End

My soundtrack today is being provided by Arctic Sunrise on the Echozone label out of Germany. Their latest album, When Traces End, came out in October of 2016 and it’s worth visiting in 2017 if you missed it. When I hear albums like this it gives me hope that modern synthpop is still alive and well, whether or not American audiences are taking notice or not. The whole purpose of Echosynthetic is to make sure you’ve got the opportunity to hear great bands like Arctic Sunrise, so enjoy!

Much like the growing synthwave movement, Arctic Sunrise are fans of the 1980’s. What makes them different is their focus on avoiding computer plug-ins and using instruments from the era as much as possible. This gives their music an organic feel and really sets them apart when compared to their contemporaries. Something else that sets them apart is their overall sound. There’s no sophomore jinx here with producer Steve Baltes and vocalist Torsten Verlinden. When Traces End is a perfect blend of the post punk electro feel of Blaqk Audio and the traditional roots of De/Vision. In other words, Arctic Sunrise have a winner on their hands.

When Traces End is pure synthpop goodness and I think a lot of you will enjoy this release by Arctic Sunrise. It builds off of the wins in their debut, A Smarter Enemy, and pushes beyond it. The single for Silent Tears is also worth a look if you enjoy remixes (check out the video preview above). It’s stacked with excellent remixes and I’m typically dubious on collected remixes…luckily they’re all solid. If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a big fan of these guys and when I hear music like this I get really excited to share it. Be sure and let me know what you think!


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