New Music: FutureSounds Vol. 1 by TimeSlave Recordings

Get ready, sit down, and buckle up because TimeSlave Recordings has just released the best compilation of the year. I’m going ahead and calling it. I don’t see how anyone else could possibly top the pure quality found on FutureSounds Vol. 1. It contains a who’s who track list of some of the best acts in synthwave and all of the proceeds are going to help the Down’s Syndrome Association. In other words, it’s a win/win. The album was released on March 6th in two formats…limited edition cassette and digitally through Bandcamp. If you slept on the pre-orders of the cassette you’re too late, they sold out before the album released (I warned you!). However, the digital version is still available and at a very reasonable price (remember, it’s going to charity!).

So, just how good is this compilation? Check out this track list:

  1. Enzo Van Baelen – Fireball!
  2. Kid Neon – Asteroid Boy
  3. Timecop1983 – Journeys
  4. Arcade Summer – Electrocutioner
  5. Enzo Van Baelen – Night Shift
  6. Kid Neon – Code Red
  7. Lars Lennarth – Emperor
  8. Primorph – Metroplexual
  9. Droid Bishop – Days of the Running Man
  10. Futurecop! – 1988 Girls
  11. PsyKat – Reign of Terror
  12. Ethereal Delusions – Alone in Space
  13. Kid Neon – Faraway Land
  14. Enzo Van Baelen – Testarossa
  15. LAMF – Neon Highway
  16. Vampire Step-Dad – Green Berets for Breakfast (Redux)
  17. Enzo Van Baelen – Magical Android
  18. Cybertronix – Lunar Rising
  19. Kid Neon – Spaceborn
  20. Enzo Van Baelen – Rogue

What I love so much about this compilation is that it shows off TimeSlave Recordings’ impressive stable of artists along with other hot synthwave acts that donated tracks to the cause. It shows the character of the synthwave community and I’m proud to be a part of that in my efforts to promote it. If you’re unfamiliar with some of the artists, this is your opportunity to jump in head first. You won’t be disappointed and I can just about guarantee you’ll walk away with some new favorite bands.

The album is available right now at the TimeSlave Recordings Bandcamp page! Head over there and get some music for your donation to the Down’s Syndrome Association.

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