Today’s Listening: Magna Carta Cartel / Sway (Single)

Sweden’s Magna Carta Cartel have released their first new material since 2009, and while their style of music isn’t something that I would typically cover at Echosythetic, I’m using a loophole. Sway, their new track, is very much in the same vein as previous MCC tracks, a Blue Öyster Cult-esque rock tune that will please any of the band’s longtime fans (or fans of Ghost….but I’m not opening that can of worms in this review!).

The single came out March 3rd on Lövely Records. My loophole track is the b-side, Sunsettlers (Synthwave Remix by Sono Tonol), which strangely still fits the Magna Carta Cartel aesthetic. It shows that synthwave is being recognized as a viable musical outlet by more than just bands in the scene itself. As I mentioned, the single is available now and can be purchased on Bandcamp right now!


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