New Music: Ethereal Delusions / Karlovsky’s Revenge

Ethereal Delusions is back in the headlines again with a new single titled Karlovsky’s Revenge, his first with TimeSlave Recordings. They’re releasing it March 20th on limited edition cassette as well, and I can promise you if you don’t pre-order you’re not going to get one. As a bonus you’re also getting another cool track called Am I Dreaming?, plus all of his previous EP, Shutter Shades. This is a steal and a half and I know that I’ll be snagging one for sure. Check out exclusive access to the new music below…that’s right, hear it here first!

Karlovsky’s Revenge is easily my favorite Ethereal Delusions track to date and it shows a real progression from an already good base. I’ve heard this one grow through the development stage and I’m glad to hear it making its debut to a wider audience. I think Ethereal Delusions has a lot of good things ahead in 2017, especially considering the way he’s started it!

If you’ve not pre-ordered already, head over to TimeSlave Recordings Bandcamp and get in on this before it’s too late. I’ve given you plenty of warning! Digital versions of the new music are also available should you miss out on the cool limited edition goodies.

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