New Music: Nightlights / Shadows EP

New synthwave outfit Nightlights has just released their debut EP called Shadows. It’s a vibrant, fun, and well polished first release. More than just songs, Shadows feels like set pieces…music that takes you to another time where the light glowed neon and things were simpler. Nightlights also has a sound that stands out, which in a sea this crowded is impressive in its own right. To say that I’m impressed with this first jump into that sea would be an understatement.

 As soon as the EP begins with Press 1 to Start, Shadows introduces itself with a warm smile. The harmonies overlap with one another in unexpected ways, especially in the lower register. Shadows sounds like an Iris track that they never released (and that’s a serious compliment because I love Iris). It’s well deserving of the title track distinction. Neon Trails feels like exactly that…a trip down a neon streaked road, just after dusk. Shimmer hits hard with the best bass line on the EP. Combine that with a great tempo and soaring synths and you’ve got yet another quality track on this impressive debut. Glow is a fast favorite. It’s got a great nostalgic feel in one hand and a modern uptempo synth hook that doesn’t quit. Fade to Purple is bright, fast paced, and another favorite. It’s fun bottled in the form of synthwave. GOTO 1 closes the EP out with another great bass track and cements this as one of the best debuts to hit the market this year.

If you haven’t already, head over to the Nightlights Bandcamp and download Shadows. It’s a perfect way to kickoff a Synthwave Spring.

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