Today’s Listening: Black Needle Noise / Teeth to Grey with Omniflux

This week’s Black Needle Noise feature is a track called Teeth to Grey featuring Omniflux. My regular readers should be prepared for this, but if by chance this is your visit, I do a weekly focus on John Fryer’s Black Needle Noise project. The legendary producer is doing some of the most compelling and diverse work out there and I’ve decided to make it my goal to get it heard by as many people as I can.

Teeth to Grey is an atmospheric, Massive Attack meets Sneaker Pimps slow burn. Omniflux’s Mahsa Zargaran really makes this song special with her vocals, especially as they hit the higher registers. It really offsets the low level, trip-hop beats with an almost ethereal light. It’s a brilliant contrast! As usual, John Fryer has created a well produced sounding board for his guest vocalist. He always seems to know what type of sounds to craft tho showcase their talent, which in turn shows his many years of experience.

Teeth to Grey is one of my favorites that I’ve covered so far. It’s got a tension to it, you can feel it in the grungy bass, the restraint as you build toward the chorus, and the shadows the song drifts through. Once again I leave my Black Needle Noise post impressed, as I hope you all will be. As always, I love to hear feedback on these posts so hit me up on Facebook and Twitter to let me know what you think about this week’s Black Needle Noise track. You can download it today at the Black Needle Noise Bandcamp. Visit Omniflux while you’re at it!

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