New Music: An Interview with Lunar Twin / Night Tides Review

Lunar Twin has new music due out this week! Night Tides is releasing on March 17th and can still be pre-ordered at their Bandcamp page. In addition to the digital version, you can also get it on cassette (which is what I did!) over at Moon Sounds Records. It’s a limited run of 50 PLUS you get the digital version. The duo really impressed me with their previous work…the combination of smooth as silk vocals and perfectly crafted soundscapes has made Lunar Twin one of my favorite bands. When my wife stops what she’s doing to come find out what I’m reviewing, you know you’ve done something extra special. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a good bit of time with Night Tides and I’m excited to say that Lunar Twin have exceeded my already high expectations.

Reviewing a Lunar Twin release is a somewhat difficult affair. This is music that begs to be experienced. I strongly recommend you put on your favorite headphones and and listen to the links I’ve provided. There’s really nothing out there like what Lunar Twin are creating. Their sound, for me, has so many working parts that it’s nigh impossible to force into a ready made genre. There’s feeling…almost like a deep and knowing soul…to this music. So bear with me…I’m going to do my best to explain in words what Night Tides is like but you’re going to miss out on the best parts, which are felt.

Waves kicks off Night Tides and it’s one of the best singles released so far this year. Granted, I’ve already admitted bias here, but there is an undeniable familiarity to Waves that you cannot deny. There’s a sea breeze easiness to it that lulls you into Night Tides. Blood Moon follows next with expertly layered synths bouncing off of a wandering bass guitar backbone. The vocals echo their way through the track, giving an air of noir-esque mystery. Coral Sea speeds up the tempo a bit, and is another favorite track. It reminds me of a song you’d hear during the pivotal moment in a film. It has an 80’s new wave smash-hit sound while maintaining a modern tilt. It’s really hard to describe. My wife I think said it best, “Everything is on point. It’s so well layered.” Birds of Paradise has a great back beat with an infectious synth hook. It’s a song that could have easily fit onto Depeche Mode’s Delta Machine album, but this is where Lunar Twin sets themselves apart…it still sounds wholly theirs. Prayers of Smoke has to have the best intro on Night Tides. The bass line just doesn’t quit! There’s a sultry, smoky feel to the song…a feel of being out well past the sunset. The self titled Night Tides closes things out just as strongly as it begins. Where Waves felt like a sea breeze coming into the shore, Night Tides feels like the opposite. It’s a cold inland breeze rushing out to meet the warm ocean air and where it meets you get this amazing closer.

As I said earlier, Night Tides can be pre-ordered right now at the Lunar Twin Bandcamp page, but don’t rush off just yet! There’s more. I had the opportunity to talk to Lunar Twin about their great music and where it comes from. I’d like to thank them for being so gracious and for allowing me to spend time with Night Tides before it releases on March 17th. And now, with no further delay, an interview with Bryce and Chris of Lunar Twin!

Echosynthetic: For anyone hearing you for the first time, who is Lunar Twin?

Bryce: Chris – Music / Bryce – Vocals.  We both write the songs and we live in Salt Lake and Hawaii

Chris: Lunar Twin started About  4 years ago. It consists of two people, Bryce Boudreau (Vocals, Co-Production), and Chris Murphy (Instruments, Production).

Echosynthetic:  What got you started in music?

Bryce: Music I heard growing up in passing and bands in my neighborhood I knew as kid. Going to record stores whenever I went to a new town, etc. So basically, a love and hunger for sound.

Chris:  Back when I was a kid I got my first Sampler/Keyboard, which was an ASR-10. I started making beats and loops using that and eventually started playing music in bands. From there, I started playing any instrument I could get my hands on, from guitars, to synths, and even drums. I really enjoy recording and mixing as well and have kept building up my studio as much as I can since I started.

Echosynthetic:  I can honestly say I’ve never heard anything quite like Lunar Twin. What are the roots of your sound?

Bryce: Thank you! Some band that have influenced me: Joy Division, Billie Holiday, Motown, Kraftwerk, 13th Floor Elevators, Bowie , Leonard Cohen, Massive Attack, Cumbias, early Daniel Johnston tapes, Wu-Tang Clan, Dead Moon, Lee Hazelwood, Velvet Underground, Brian Eno, Nina Simone, Red Bennies, Wipers, 80s goth and new wave music, Roky Erikson…So, not sure those are my roots but that’s what I grew up listening to, among lots of other stuff from other genres.

Chris: Thank you ! For me, I guess my roots began with hip-hop and downtempo music, which is why I first started recording on a sampler. I have always enjoyed ambient music as well.

Echosynthetic: It’s been a few years between releases. What have you been doing in that time?

Bryce: Writing the Night Tides record and recording it. Working on the album took awhile, so that’s been most of that time.

Chris: Working on the writing and recording phases of Night Tides. I’m also a full time student, so that has kept me pretty busy.

Echosynthetic: Night Tides is completed. How do you feel about it?

Bryce: Glad for it to see the light of day

Chris: A part of me is relieved when an album is completed, but also excited to share it. A lot of hours have gone into this and now I can look back at the whole project and what’s been created.

Echosynthetic: What does the rest of 2017 hold for Lunar Twin?

Bryce: Working on some music videos for the releases, a remix record in Germany, and writing.

Chris: For now it’s promoting this album. We also have a remix album in the works through Emerald and Doreen Records in Germany due out this summer so I’m putting finishing touches on that.

Echosynthetic: What are some things you’re currently listening to?

Bryce: Mara Jata “I Walk Alone”, the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s new LP, Duran Duran’s instrumental “Tiger Tiger” song, Cibelle “Green Grass” Tom Waits cover song, Tolchock Trio’s Abalone Skeleton LP.

Chris: Shlohmo, Tycho, Odesza, and Frank Ocean.

Echosynthetic: When you aren’t making music, what is a normal day for Lunar Twin?

Bryce: Hang out with my dog and loved ones, swim in the ocean, and look at the stars. 

Chris: Hanging with my loved ones exploring the desert 

Echosynthetic: If you could thank anyone for changing the course of your life, who would it be?

Bryce: David Payne of the Red Bennies for leading by example and my Mom for setting me on the path.

Chris: Probably my parents, they played acoustic guitar while I was growing up, mostly just cover songs such as Leonard Cohen, but they also had original material as well. Being in a musical atmosphere all my life really has played a major part in my interest in making and recording music.

Echosynthetic: What advice do you have for someone getting started in music?

Bryce: Listen to different types of music and artists. Do it for yourself.

Chris: Soak up as much as you can. Everything is a learning experience and you can learn a lot from other musicians as well as yourself. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but maybe most importantly, make music for or that reflects your inner self.





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