New Music: Xetrovoid / Nowhere to Run

It’s here! Xetrovoid’s latest LP, Nowhere to Run, is officially out and I’m really excited for everyone to get to hear it. Head on over to the Xetrovoid Bandcamp page and snag yours now and you can listen while you read. Go ahead. I’ll wait. It’s available digitally and also in CD form that includes the digital version (that’s the one I went with!). If you missed out on my recent interview with Xetrovoid be sure to check that out HERE. He gives some great insights into the creation of his music and the world it lives in. Alright, you ready? Let’s enter the wasteland of ruined civilization and experience Nowhere to Run by Xetrovoid!

As soon as the intro track Premonition hits your ears you know that you’re in the hands of a premiere synthwave act. It bridges the story from his Fugitive EP into this new album and prepares you for the journey ahead. Just when you think you’re ready, Outnumbered pushes you back into your seat with a breakneck beat. I want to stop here and mention how polished this record is. In the track Hiding in the Shadows the soaring synths are so crisp you feel like you could reach out and touch them! It really helps add to the immersive feel of Xetrovoid’s music and pushes his craft higher than ever before.

Something else that Xetrovoid plays with on this album is tempo change…something that I love. The tempo change in the middle of Ravenous Machines demands head banging (or for the less adventurous a head bounce). Fragments of a Memory finds us in the hands of more soaring synths that overlay a great atmospheric hook. It’s a favorite on the album and one I immediately wanted to listen to again. As if flipping a coin we get the polar opposite of Fragments of a Memory….Payback. Payback is my favorite song on the record…it hits you like a jackhammer right out of the gate. Blastbeat drums, a base line hook that pulls you in hard, and a brilliantly placed oasis in the middle of the track make it a diverse landscape that demands repeat visits.

As we near the close of the album we get more of those soaring synths that Xetrovoid really brings home on A Vision from the Past. Cyborg Club brings the heat with an expertly staggered bass line and gives the impression that this isn’t a club that isn’t at all safe, like Sarah Connor sitting in Technoir. Don’t Look Back is another heavy hitter, as Xetrovoid pulls the listener along with him as we try to escape. The album closer, Drive Away, is the perfect way to end Nowhere to Run. It’s light enough to imply a happy ending, but there’s darkness on the horizon and our protagonist isn’t quite in the clear yet. It’s like a satisfying movie ending that hints toward more story.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I think Xetrovoid has a synthwave masterwork on his hands. On Nowhere to Run he’s proven himself to be a master of so many different synthwave influences, and where Xetrovoid shines is his ability to pull it off. Head over to the Xetrovoid Bandcamp, buy Nowhere to Run, and put on your favorite headphones. You won’t be sorry.

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