New Music: FacexHugger / Chasing Replicants

The new Depeche Mode album just came out and you know what I’m listening to today? The new FacexHugger album, Chasing Replicants. Before I even get to the music, Chasing Replicants get the award for best album cover of the year through March. Hear that everyone? The bar has been raised! Just be warned…if you’re going to have an album cover that hardcore you’d better have the music to back it up. Lucky for FacexHugger, it surpassed my expectations.

The Blade Runner theme that FacexHugger has gone with for the Chasing Replicants is something you’ve got to be careful with. Blade Runner and its subject material, whether it be the story or the soundtrack, are much beloved by many, especially in this community. Not only is the music up to the task, it feels like a modern twist on a classic. There’s familiarity here but Chasing Replicants hits hard and treads its on path through familiar territory.

Tears in the Rain introduces us to a world where the sun is a distant memory. It sets the tone for the album that follows and prepares us for the depths we are going to plumb. As if on cue, Replicant begins. The ethereal intro gives way to a darkwave bass line that had my head bobbing immediately.  It’s a stellar track and will definitely be on my playlist for quite some time. Off-World is another well written track the extends our story outward. You can feel the wide open space…the shadow in the distance that you don’t want to explore but your destination is on the other side. Glitters in the Dark is another favorite, with its dreamy echoes giving the impression of the implied stars lighting the journey.

Failure to Comply greets the mid-point of the album with an uptempo beat and some great double bass drums. It throws us into Dream With Me, my second favorite song on the album. It has a hook that is undeniably catchy and before moving on I had to stop and listen to it again. Who Am I? connects with soaring synths and an incredible bass track that overlaps in ways you wouldn’t expect to work, but it does. Tyrell is an exploratory track that gives the impression that the conclusion is near. It’s a great track that’s a slow build to a strong conclusion. Colony closes things out nicely and helps cement Chasing Replicants as a very strong entry into the best full length LP’s list this year.

If you’re new to FacexHugger then congratulations, you’re getting in on the ground floor. This is certainly an act to watch and with Chasing Replicants he’s shown he can hang with the big boys. Head over to his Bandcamp now and grab a copy today! The price is crazy low for the quality you’re getting in this record.

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