Black Needle Noise / This Kind of Road (with Kendra Frost)

Gather round boys and girls! It’s time for this week’s focus on Black Needle Noise, John Fryer’s killer music project. If you’re just now joining us for these weekly visits, I am going through the Black Needle Noise catalog and I’m diving into each release. Why? Because they’re really, really great songs, and even if I connect with just one person then I’ve succeeded in my greater goal behind Echosynthetic…getting more synth-based music into more ears.

Our song this week is This Kind of Road, a collaboration with Kendra Frost of the band Kite Base. Right out of the gate the track greets us with haunting vocals over a static background. As a fan of Black Needle Noise you know you’re entering familiar waters…John Fryer is an expert at building atmosphere, after all. But, as always, he knows how to choose who he works with…artists that compliment his work like a hand in a glove. Kendra Frost all but steals the show with her vocals on this track. Her emotive work sounds like a puzzle waiting to be solved, or (as a nod to her band Kite Base) like origami being unfolded to show the intricate work within.

This Kind of Road is one of my favorite songs I’ve covered so far this year. It is haunting but retains a certain majesty about how it carries itself. Kendra Frost’s vocals flow over the contours of Fryer’s musical score like they were made for each other, and that’s what makes Black Needle Noise so special. It’s akin to magic the way these tracks work, albeit black magic. And with that, I’ll leave you to listen to the song again. If you’re like me you’ll have it on repeat for a while. You can find it at the Black Needle Noise Bandcamp page, and while you’re at it you need to check out Kite Base for more Kendra Frost!

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