Today’s Listening: R. Missing / Unsummering

I am so excited to share this music with you! New York’s R. Missing, a new band from New York has just released their debut, Unsummering, earlier this month. Part of the fun of writing about music for hours and hours each week is the discovery part of the job. Sometimes it’s in the form of a YouTube video I come across, other times it’s a recommendation from an artist, or an anonymous e-mail with a pure gem in it. It never gets old…it’s like being a kid again digging through the music at the record store and finding treasure. As soon as I heard the first chords of this EP I was hooked…I had pure gold sitting in my inbox.

Unsummering is a magic mix of new wave roots, pure dark pop goodness, and indie swagger, but to call it a throw back would be a disservice. There’s something very sleek…very modern about this music. The vocals have a strictness to them, an austerity, that’s both alluring but demanding of your attention. If I hadn’t already told you this was a debut you’d be hard pressed to believe it. The production is through the roof, their sound is polished, and everything about R. Missing exudes experience.

The title track starts out with a great guitar hook that leads right into synths that grab you and won’t let go. It’s like the best Ladytron song they never released, and I absolutely love Ladytron. Kelly Was a Phillistine keeps the momentum going with a great back beat, hypnotic synths, and a chorus line that gets your head bobbing. It’s also a track that builds on itself as it progresses, which I’m always a fan of. Deeper Holes has an ethereal, dream pop feel to it, and is a great transition into the middle of the EP. Birthright reaches for the sky as it soars over stormy seas…but make no mistake, you know the darkness is there. If there’s something I enjoy as a constant it’s R. Missing’s ability to reflect both darkness and light in their tracks. Mostly Back is an echoing, atmospheric soundscape that’s one of my favorite tracks on the release. The production really shines in the way so many opposing sounds are brought together to make harmony. Mouser closes the EP and it is so good you’re going to want to repeat it before you start over again with Unsummering.

Unsummering is available now on the R. Missing Bandcamp and it’s well worth your time and money. They’re a new favorite of mine and I will most certainly have my eye on them for future releases.

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