Vampire Step-Dad Live Footage @ Terminal West

It’s finally here! Vampire Step-Dad has released his footage from his show at Terminal West where he opened for the legendary Carpenter Brut. Here are some things that I love about the video:

  1. He could have easily edited out any nervous mistakes or flubs, but didn’t
  2. The funny and likable Vampire Step-Dad we all know and love from Twitter is the same guy in real life. It’s not a put on.
  3. Those solos are FIRE (guitar and keyboard!)
  4. So were the live drums
  5. The keytar cam is the best

I’m glad that I was able to be there to live stream the show but this is SO much better. You can actually see my giant salt and pepper beard from the drum cam right up front (look for the Blue Jays hat). Thanks a million to Vampire Step-Dad for putting in the countless hours to cut and edit this from multiple camera angles. It’s a ton of fun and allows everyone who wasn’t there to have as much fun as I did at the show.

Also, as an aside, if you’re not getting the Vampire Step-Dad e-mail newsletter you are missing out! The behind the scenes stories have had me rolling! Head over to his site by clicking HERE and sign up today!

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