Coming Soon: NeoSlave / Blood Arcade EP

Lazerdiscs Records has a huge release coming on April 14th with NeoSlave’s Blood Arcade. I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with it pre-release and I can say with authority, it’s going to blow you away. NeoSlave, AKA Leander Verheyen, is a studio wizard (or should I say warlock?) and Blood Arcade hits hard, hits fast, and hit goes straight for the throat.


As soon as the EP begins with Welcome…To Blood Arcade, you know you’re not listening to your run of the mill synthwave. This is heavy, heavy stuff…like GosT and Hexenkraft heavy. When the guitar solo hit I sat with my headphones on my head, quite literally slack-jawed at my laptop. Big Ass Knife follows, and if you haven’t guessed from the name of the track, it’s another heavy hitter. A rock steady back beat drives the track while piercing synths let you know you’re in the wrong arcade. If you’re not already sitting, you’re going to want to find a seat before Come With Me If You Want To Live hits. As soon as a sampled Arnold says those famous words, bone dense, dirty synths hit you right in the chest. It’s a spectacular track that builds on itself with soaring vocals that fly over the dingy depths of the bass. Push My Buttons Right is a darkwave duet from Hell. It has a haunting melody, one of the best best synth bass lines of the year, and it’s insanely catchy. This is the kind of music I want to hear on the radio! I’ll be pumping this track for quite some time, for sure. Escape the Arcade closes the EP with an uptempo crescendo of blistering synths and guitars. A hypnotic hook and a heavy breakdown mid-way through closes Welcome to Blood Arcade is grand fashion.

If you couldn’t tell, I absolutely LOVED this EP. NeoSlave has really set the bar high for future EPs with Blood Arcade. It’s a heavy hitting blast of fresh air and I cannot wait to hear what everyone thinks about it. Keep your eyes peeled on the Lazerdiscs Records Bandcamp page because you’re going to want this in your library.

You can follow NeoSlave at:





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