Black Needle Noise / Heaven feat. Jennie Vee

It’s that time again! I’m continuing my dive into the creative depths that are Black Needle Noise. This week’s track is called Heaven, featuring Jennie Vee (who is quite the musician herself….be sure to check out her other work on Bandcamp). Her melancholic sound meshes well with the darkness that John Fryer seems to be able to find so easily in his music. If you’ve been following my Black Needle Noise posts expecting to find a mis-step in his collaborations, don’t waste your time. Heaven is another successful venture for the legendary producer.

What I think I enjoy the most about Heaven is the way it tackles the oft used title of the track. Jennie Vee brings a cold dreaminess to the song, and her lyrics talk about a heaven that was once held but is now out of reach. The John Fryer structure behind Heaven reinforces the melancholy of the song but helps vault it into the ether…a starry darkness that could be considered a heaven by many. Once our protagonist realizes that maybe heaven wasn’t what she thought it was, you can hear her break those chains as the words “I don’t want you” echo down the closing of the song.

Once again I am impressed with John Fryer’s ability to pick artists that compliment his Black Needle Noise tracks so well. Jennie Vee really nailed this song…you almost need a blanket to warm yourself from the cold, lost love of the song. Heaven is another feather in the cap of Black Needle Noise and one that Jennie Vee can be very proud of being a part of.

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