Super Psy Penguin by SHOKIZM gets a TimeSlave Synthwave Soundtrack

Game developer SHOKIZM Interactive has a Super Psy Penguin, a retro styled shooter, on the way and they need YOUR help to get the greenlight. Literally. Through the Steam Greenlight program, users can vote on whether or not they want the game available through the service. It’s important for indie developers like this to get fan support, and that’s where I come in. You may be wondering why a predominantly synthwave blog is posting about this at all. Well, other than being a video game fan, old school top-down shooter enthusiast, and lover of all things retro, TimeSlave Recordings is providing the synthwave soundtrack for this bad boy! Follow the link HERE and vote YES! Read why below if you’re not already convinced…

Here are all the details for the game, straight from the developer!

  • Based on mobile game but completely built from scratch for PC and Mac!
  • Game style is retro classic – going for that 80s-90s retro style but using modern quality graphics and sound. Key for us is replayability.
  • Sound is very important to players – it’s often overlooked.
  • At first I wasn’t sure if Synthwave was right for a shootem-up of this style – but once I heard tracks from Lars Lennarth and Enzo Van Baelen over game footage – well – I knew it would be perfect.
  • Another hard aspect for Enzo and the guys will be sound FX – making something which clearly signals to the player whats happening – but without clashing too much with the music. It’s going to be an interesting challenge.
  • Graphics made by raytracing 3D then output to 2D sprites – same method as 1994 Donkey Kong – It takes about 1 hour to render a full-screen sprite at 30 frames of animation – that’s using a high end PC (i7 processor 32gb ram.) – so many hours have gone into creating spites and visual effects for the game.
  • Built using Game Maker Studio engine – same as Hotline Miami
  • Full album of original synth music by Time Slave + bonus tracks by SHOKIZM
  • 10 handcrafted levels
  • Minimal procedural elements for replayability
  • Multiple play-modes including: Story, Challenge and Infinite
  • Over 20 enemy types
  • 10 sub bosses and 10 final bosses
  • Multiple weapons, side-arms and mega-bombs
  • Non-stop explosion-filled action
  • Full controller and keyboard support

SHOKIZM is the brainchild of Richard Newman, a Londoner who has been developing indie games for about 5 years. Super Psy Penguin is set for a late 2017/early 2018 release. Help him get this game on Steam with your YES vote through Steam Greenlight. This will ensure everyone gets the chance to have retro fun with an amazing synthwave soundtrack.

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