Synthwave Sunday: Jet Jazimov / Jet Jazimov LP

I bounce around a bit with my Synthwave Sunday pieces. Sometimes it works out that I’ve got a killer interview with an established artist. Other times I’m covering a hot new act that has a new album or EP on the way. Then, there are times like this when I get a message from a trusted source asking, “Have you listened to Jet Jazimov?” To me this is where the real magic of music journalism happens. No, I hadn’t listened to Jet Jazimov, but I have now, and the end result was “Wow!” On the flip-side, Jet Jazimov has no clue that I’m typing up a feature article on his music and will be reading this along side the viewers on the site.

The topic of my article today revolves around the self-titled Jet Jazimov LP released on February 10th, 2017. Though it may be the first Jet Jazimov full length, this Los Angeles based artist has been doing this for several years and it shows in the quality of the work. This record is a Giorgio Moroder, disco infused, synthwave delight. It’s like Jet Jazimov had knowledge of the future, went back in time, and re-worked disco to his own devices. I can tell you this, it works. It works very well. While everyone is diving deep into darker and darker synthwave or nostalgia diving into the 1980’s, Jet Jazimov is over here saying it’s okay to have upbeat tracks and that disco style guitars over synths are totally cool (and they are!).

I think what impresses me the most about Jet Jazimov and this album as a whole, is that he took some serious risks. Surely he’s listening to the same music that you and I are. Not only has he created a full length album that doesn’t sound like anyone else at all, he’s pushing synthwave into new territories. Even when a song kicks off with a familiar tone, I promise you that somewhere along the way it’s going to step foot in a new direction. For a genre of music that has so many sub-sects, synthwave has one thing it can claim for sure, it’s never boring. Jet Jazimov proves that there’s still plenty of room for the genre to grow and I, for one, will follow whichever way he decides to go.

I typically recommend a few songs or tell you how the run down plays out, but I want you to enjoy this album the same way I did…as a new experience. Head over to the Jet Jazimov Bandcamp and give him your support. The new LP is a name your price record so you have absolutely no excuse not to give it a listen (I paid for mine…not only am I a writer that promotes the many great artists out there, but I’m also a fan and I want an artist to know how much I appreciate their hard work).

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