Ethereal Delusions is running for charity! Find out how you can win too!

Our friend and overall good guy Jon Thomson, AKA Ethereal Delusions, is running a half marathon for the benefit of the Brown Dog Foundation. They help people bridge the costs of medical attention a family pet needs help. Jon has a great story about how they helped save his own dog (you can read his testimonial when you follow the donation link below), so this is a charity near and dear to his heart. Now here is where YOU come in!


By following THIS link you can donate toward the charity and help Jon reach his campaign goal for the charity. Donations start at $10.00 and by giving you’re not only helping out an honorable charity and a swell guy, you are also entered to win stuff! Ethereal Delusions has teamed up with the awesome folks over at Square Wave Clothing and they’re giving away 1 Ethereal Delusions t-shirt/Shutter Shades CD combo. 5 other winners will get a copy of the Shutter Shades CD.

I always go on and on about how the synthwave community is the most supportive of all. Prove me right! I’m putting my money where my mouth is and I’ve donated $10, which might as well be a $100 with a new baby in the house, haha. Point being, we’ve got the opportunity to help one of our brothers out. Let’s do it right! Follow the link HERE and help Ethereal Delusions save some doggos and kitters! You might just get an amazing shirt from Square Wave out of it!

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